Nissan Lease Return

Is your Nissan lease ending soon? Come On Down to Boch Nissan South today!

Don’t miss your chance to return ANY Nissan model, from ANY dealership, for ANY lease term.

Unlock your cash refund at Boch Nissan South!

It’s as easy as these two simple steps:

  • Return your Nissan vehicle to Boch Nissan South following your final payment for complimentary inspection and appraisal.
  • Unlock your cash back! If your vehicle appraises for more than its End of Term Value, Boch Nissan South will purchase the vehicle and pay YOU the difference!

Start Today!


Lessee must have made final payment before being eligible for lease return for cash offer. Customer is responsible for payment of excess mileage driven as agreed upon in lease terms. Any Nissan model from any Nissan dealership, for any lease duration are eligible for this offer. Boch Nissan/Boch Nissan South reserve the right to refuse any vehicle deemed unfit for the offer. Lessee has option to purchase the vehicle at lease end. If lessee wishes only to return the vehicle, a termination fee of $295 plus wear and tear damages must be paid.

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