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If You Ask, “Should I Buy a New or Used Car from a Nissan Dealership Near Me in Boston, MA?” Here Are Some Tips

One of the biggest debates prospective car-buyers have is whether it’s best to purchase a new car or a used one. There’s no absolute answer to this question. You will base your decision on several factors such as your financial situation, how long you intend to drive the vehicle, and whether it’s important to you to have up-to-date features. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is it better to shop for new or used vehicles at a Nissan dealership near me in Boston, MA?” you’re not alone. To help make your choice, understand the benefits and drawbacks of both options. 

New Cars Have Coverage

When you own a used car, you know your vehicle will eventually experience some mechanical problems, and you’ll have to take it to the shop. The problem is, used cars don’t have as good a warranty as new cars will have. In some cases, you’ll have no coverage at all. When you buy a new car from a Boston, MA, dealership, it will have a bumper-to-bumper warranty as well as a powertrain warranty and other coverage. Your new car shouldn’t face too many issues for a while, but even if it does, the warranty will handle the costs.

New Cars Have Innovative Features

Thanks to the wonders of technology, carmakers continue to enhance the features in their vehicles. You’ll notice this in the safety and entertainment components. While used cars lack items such as navigation systems, rear cross-traffic alerts, backup cameras, tire pressure monitors, hands-free texting, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and other popular features, these come standard with many new cars in Boston, MA.

Used Cars Hold Their Value Better

While new cars may win you over with their looks and capabilities, they aren’t the best long-term investments. New cars depreciate from the moment you drive them home from the Boston, MA, dealership. However, used cars keep their value longer. If you purchase your car with a loan, you can pay it off and then sell your car and pocket the cash. You won’t likely make a profit, but you’ll make more money than you would if you sold a newer model. 

Once you say, “I want to buy a used car from a Nissan dealership near me,” come down to Boch Nissan South and check out your next car to drive in Boston, MA. 


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