Nissan ROGUE Lease Boston, MA

If You’re Like These Customers in Boston, MA, You’d Love a Nissan Rogue Lease

No two customers are identical when it comes to looking for a new vehicle. This is what makes the car-shopping experience so unique. If you’re having trouble deciding whether you should shop in Boston, MA, for a Nissan Rogue lease or purchase this crossover SUV, consider the provided tips. Certain types of customers favor the leasing option over securing a loan. 

You Have Excellent Credit

Customers in Boston, MA, who seek auto loans can still qualify even if they have mediocre-at-best credit. Dealership finance teams are more lenient with customers in these situations. However, it’s a little different with a lease. You need a higher credit score if you hope to qualify. 

Lower Payments Are a Priority

Who wouldn’t want lower monthly payments for a vehicle? One of the great things about a Nissan Rogue lease is that you won’t have to pay as much each month. This is because with a lease, you pay according to how much the car depreciates during the three-year lease agreement. With a loan, you pay for the car’s current value.

You Won’t Drive all Over the Country

When signing a Nissan Rogue lease, the dealer sets mileage restrictions. Usually, you won’t be able to exceed 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year. If you go over this cap, you’ll have to pay a penalty, which for many people is a hardship. However, if you don’t have a long daily commute, or if you don’t plan on taking a lot of road trips, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

You Want Something New Every Few Years

Some people enjoy hanging onto a car for several years. If you’re the type of person who gets the itch for something new frequently, a lease is perfect. Just when your car starts showing signs of wear and tear, it’ll be time to return it to the Boston, MA, dealership and exchange it for a new or newer model. 

At Boch Nissan South, you can find great offers on a Nissan Rogue lease. This is a perfect place to shop when you’re ready for a new car in Boston, MA. Call or stop by today. 


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