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Don’t Forget to Follow These Maintenance Rules in Pawtucket, RI, for Your Nissan Rogue

Like many people, you may have a love-hate relationship with cars. You appreciate your car when it performs reliably and helps you get from place to place to accomplish your daily tasks. But your car also frustrates you when it sputters, breaks down, or causes you other problems. You can minimize mechanical and performance deficiencies with your Nissan Rogue in Pawtucket, RI, by taking good care of it and maintaining it consistently. There are some essential services you must perform if you hope to extend the life of your vehicle. 

Stick to the Schedule

As soon as you purchase your new or used Nissan Rogue, take a look at the owner’s manual and carefully follow the maintenance and service recommendations. You’ll notice that at particular mileage intervals, you should service a certain system, part, or component of your vehicle. Be vigilant and stay on track, even if you think nothing is wrong with that part of your car. It’s easy to put off services and get behind, but if you do this, it will only lead to further, more expensive issues down the road. 

Change Your Oil

Even the youngest, most inexperienced drivers should know the importance of this step. If you have a new Rogue, you should take it to a competent mechanic in Pawtucket, RI, for an oil change about once every 5,000 miles. Your used car will need more attention; you should change the oil every 3,000 miles or so. As your car ages, it’s best to use high-mileage oil for this service. When you change the oil, it will remove dirt and sludge from your engine, which will improve performance. You’ll also notice better gas mileage when you do this regularly. 

Replace the Air Filter

Filter changes and oil changes often go hand in hand. When you take your Nissan Rogue in for an oil change, the mechanic should pull the air filter and show it to you. In general, you should replace it at every other oil change (around 6,000 to 10,000 miles). However, when you inspect the filter, if you notice excess dirt and debris, feel free to replace it more often. This will help give your engine a longer life. 

Anyone in Pawtucket, RI, who owns a Nissan Rogue wants it to last for years to come. You can help ensure peak performance for the long term when you follow service guidelines. When it’s time for an oil change and other essential maintenance, bring your Rogue to Boch Nissan South.


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