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Keep These Emergency Supplies in Your Nissan Rogue as You Drive in Woonsocket, RI

You spend a lot of time in your car, and you rely on it to transport you safely to various destinations. Despite your best efforts to follow traffic laws and drive prudently, mishaps and misfortunes can happen. You may not have control over road conditions or the actions of other drivers, but you can prepare yourself for emergencies. You can have peace of mind as you drive in and around Woonsocket, RI, if you have the right emergency items in your Nissan Rogue. A few simple supplies can save you during inconvenient or even dangerous moments on the road. 

Jumper Cables

Every Nissan Rogue owner should keep a set of jumper cables in his or her trunk. These devices can work wonders for a dead battery, which is a common cause for stranding drivers on the side of the road. If you’re far from home, this could be a huge ordeal. However, jumper cables can get you back up and running in no time. Just make sure you get to the nearest mechanic or auto parts store to inspect your battery or pick up a new one. Don’t rely on other drivers to carry jumper cables for you. 

Check Your Spare

A flat tire is another common culprit for roadside problems in Woonsocket, RI. This is usually a fairly straightforward fix – that is, if you have a spare tire handy. Your new car will come with a spare, but if you’ve got a used model, don’t assume you’ve got an extra tire. Locate your spare and know how to remove it from your car. If you’ve never changed a flat tire or if you aren’t sure how to do it, watch some YouTube tutorials and make sure you’ve got this process down. 

Keep Water on Hand

If you’ve got a dead battery or flat tire in a populated area, you shouldn’t be waiting too long on the side of the road. However, if you’ve got a more serious issue or if you’re in a remote place, you may be waiting a little longer for help. It’s important to keep a case of bottled water in your Nissan Rogue. This will stave off dehydration, especially if you break down during the heat of the summer.  

Don’t take any chances when you drive your Nissan Rogue. Everywhere you go in and around Woonsocket, RI, ensure that you’ve stocked your vehicle with the proper emergency and precautionary supplies. If you need advice on what items to keep in your car, ask the team at Boch Nissan South for help.


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