Nissan Versa Pricing Easton, MA

Is It Best to Lease or Buy When You Find Good Nissan Versa Pricing in Easton, MA?

No one wants to make the wrong financial decision when it comes to shopping for a new car. The implication of this choice can be significant, so it’s important to take your time and do what’s best for your situation. Once you’ve found Nissan Versa pricing in Easton, MA, you feel good about, you need to decide whether to lease or buy. You may have done both, or you may have done one or the other. Whatever experiences you’ve had in the past, both options have pros and cons.

Pros of Leasing

If your main priority is paying the least amount possible per month for a good car, leasing is the way to go. You can visit any dealership in or near Easton, MA, and find leasing options on the car you want. When you lease, you pay per month for how much the car will depreciate. This means you will have a lower payment than if you were to purchase the vehicle. Also, you may not have to make a down payment on the vehicle. You’ll also have lower registration fees and smaller costs in taxes. Plus, many dealers will cover the costs of oil changes and other services. 

Cons of Leasing

It isn’t easy to break a lease, and you can’t do so without paying hefty penalties. You also have to pay a penalty if you exceed the mileage restrictions (usually 12,000 miles per year). When you find Nissan Versa pricing and lease your vehicle, you can’t modify it at all. Though you have lower payments with leases, you also will always have one as long as you choose the leasing option.

Pros of Buying

Customers with average credit don’t have to give up on the goal of driving a new car. Dealers in Easton, MA, will work with you even if you don’t have ideal credit. When you buy, you can also pay off your loan and never pay another dime per month on the vehicle. Two other benefits of purchasing with a loan are that you can drive as many miles as you’d like, and you can enhance your vehicle and make as many changes as you’d like. 

Cons of Buying

Payments are larger when you find Nissan Versa pricing and purchase a vehicle. Also, when you’re ready to upgrade to another car, the selling process can be stressful and time-consuming. 

At Boch Nissan South, you can shop for Nissan Versa pricing and buy or lease the right car to drive each day in Easton, MA. 


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